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I think as a student you shouldn’t think about the system, but just what you really, really believe in, and in the beginning reach out to other people who believe in it, rather than those who are in control.

-Raf Simons, who invited fashion students from around the world, along with Dior employees from its own ateliers, to watch a haute couture show organized especially for them. The students also visited the ateliers, receiving an exclusive preview of the collection. -Via WWD (via erichcanvogue)

Not everyone is afforded the privilege to disregard the system.

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yesss, not everyone can afford to pursue what they really believe in even if it’s something completely intangible or intrinsic as opposed to a degree made official by a paper document

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hc s/s 2004 - hc s/s 2014

left - $100000, right - $10

Erin O’Connor’s opening look is one of my favourite dresses of all time, BUT STOP IT.

Did the vast majority of Galliano’s couture looks ever see themselves on the bodies of actual clients? No, most likely never. Galliano’s couture was modified for each individual client. So is Raf’s. Even these seemingly “simple” looks are pared down or more intricately detailed depending on the client’s wants and needs. These women have exorbitant budgets, that is for sure.

However, more and more clientele prefer to put down money for pieces that they can actually wear and fit into the rest of their wardrobe. Galliano’s designs, while still aspirational and breathtaking, became overblown and out-of-touch after the economic crisis. It’s idiotic to compare Dior under Raf to Dior under Galliano. If you want to compare, take a look at Giambattista Valli’s newest couture collection, also shown today on the same schedule as the Dior show. Many of the looks were heavily reminiscent of Raf’s Spring 2013 couture show, which was shown a year ago.

At the moment, Raf’s work, whether you like it or not, is more relevant and influential than Galliano’s. Let us admire what John produced under Givenchy and Dior and leave it at that. John Galliano will NEVER be reinstated at the house of Dior, and he will likely never have access to a couture craftsmanship like he did during his time at the house. His era will never happen again. Get over it. Please continue to cry over the lost art of fashion while Raf’s Dior continues to make wide profits and continues to influence the direction of fashion design. I know you’re probably trying to be funny and witty, but it’s honestly tired. You’re tired. And you tried, you really tried it.

Y’all who whine about Raf under Dior: Complain about/critique something relevant and important that pushes the house forward. The Galliano/Simons dichotomy is a stupid cockfight that has never existed. No one cares that John is not at the house anymore - Dior’s profits display that clearly. Grow up. 


omg I can’t stop laughing 

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